Visual Research

Imaginary Money Graveyard

This interactive installation is the first artistic response I have seen concerning the current financial climate. I'd like to go back and try some machinima there.

Sky Ear


The importance of calibration …

The Source


This installation by Greyworld is housed in the atrium of the London Stock Exchange. The balls rise and fall based on live data feeds from market activity.


Spiral signal analysis, an Infoviz Toy
"Signal values are distributed on an archimedean spiral and represented by a colour on a scale. Signals: prime numbers, divisors, dow jones and temperature variation (last 420000 years)"

IMPORTANT - play with the slider!


Paper: Interactive Visualization of Serial Periodic Data
John V. Carlis and Joseph A. Konstan
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA

Dow Jones Map of the Market

Interactive real-time data visualisation


Physical Bar Charts

"In Physical Bar Charts, viewers are presented with five tall see-through tubes containing button badges, each with a specific message on. Visitors are prompted to help themselves to badges. As they do so, the levels in the tubes drop, presenting an inverse bar chart showing the popularity of the badges."


Something like this, hooked up to a set of weight sensors, could provide a nice analogue feedback loop.

How a Market Crisis Unfolded

Interactive timeline

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