Case Study: Nonnatus Korhonen

Above a complex structure of semi-transparent boxes an unresponsive avatar gazes at two steely pod-like objects suspended in space. Every so often, one of these pods begins to glow and a tentacled, fleshy creature is born. The creature begins the long, tumbling descent over the cubes, coming to rest in one of four tanks at the base of the structure. If the tank is white, it will remain here, twitching, perhaps to be joined by one or more siblings or descendants. If the tank is red, it will die, triggering a new wave of spawning from the pods. Across the whole space, disembodied phrases float free in the air …”I cannot remember” … “this time I am not alone, this time I will not leave” …. “it is happening again” … the phrases seem to be from some sort of journal written in an ancient hand. Around the base of the structure, near the tanks, are four large, red buttons. Pressing a button changes the tank from red to white and back again. I have power over the lives of these poor, twitching creatures.


Paper (PDF): Case Study: Nonnatus Korhonen/Andrew Burrell
An examination of the technologies and concepts in Uncharted Pages From a Voyage of the Beagle and other works.

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