About Me

I am a digital artist and writer whose practice explores issues surrounding artificial life, complex adaptive systems, data manipulation and interactivity. I am particularly interested in non-human interactions, for example, using plants, animals and the weather, and non-deliberate or inadvertent human interactions. Previous work includes ambient_light: an artificial ecosystem with which visitors interacted via seating arrangements in the gallery, and the Chromophonemium – an interactive speaking machine with a self-assembly keyboard, which was an experiment in constructed human speech and synaesthesia.
Since graduating in Fine Art at London Metropolitan University in 2006, I have been employed as Digital Media Coordinator for the Research Assessment Exercise at Sir John Cass Dept. of Art, Media & Design, London Metropolitan University and have collaborated with Art & Language and Chris Smith on a systems-based interactive work, Now They Are Surrounded: Reconfigured, produced for the Systems Art Symposium at The Whitechapel and at Sir John Cass, for which I also designed the website.
My art and design practice also extends into Second Life, where in 2007 I curated PgUp - a two-day mixed-reality performance art event with Notice gallery, Deptford. I have also designed a virtual built environment and a range of avatar wearables for Myrl – a Creative Commons social networking project in Second Life and on the web.
I am supported on my MA by the AHRC.

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